Carbon Offsets

What is a Carbon Offset?

A carbon offset represents 1 metric ton (about 2,200 pounds) of greenhouse gas emissions reduced or prevented as a result of methane capture at landfills, reforestation and other carbon-reduction efforts. Offsets can be used to help neutralize your organization’s carbon footprint, allowing you to have a smaller net impact on climate change.

How do Carbon Offsets Work?

Carbon Offsets for Carbon Emissions

Carbon offsets are investments in projects that reduce or avoid carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to combat climate change. This can include planting trees or optimizing energy efficiency.

While reducing direct contributions to your carbon footprint is ideal, carbon offsets help minimize your carbon impact caused by day-to-day activities like driving, flying and consuming electricity from fossil fuels.

Why Choose Green Mountain™ Carbon Offsets?

Since 1997, we have been committed to clean energy and changing the way electricity is made—and that promise extends to our carbon offsets. We offer several ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Our carbon offsets include:

  • High quality standards: Our carbon offsets are sourced using industry-leading third-party certification standards, such as the Verified Carbon Standard, Climate Action Reserve and Clean Development Mechanism. These standards ensure that offsets are real, permanent, verifiable and beyond “business as usual.”
  • A large portfolio of projects, including: methane capture at landfills and wastewater treatment facilities, forestry projects, energy efficiency and more.
  • Experience in the market: Our tenured experience in clean energy helps consumers and businesses alike reduce their impact on the environment.

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