CAR 495 Greenville County Landfill Gas Utilization Project

Project Details

  • Project Type: Landfill Gas Capture
  • Location: Greenville, SC


Landfill Gas Capture projects help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from entering into the atmosphere. Gas captured from garbage that is decomposing in landfills is collected and then converted into energy.             

Instead of escaping into the air, landfill gas (LFG) can be captured, converted, and used as a renewable energy resource. Using LFG helps to reduce odors and other hazards associated with LFG emissions, and prevents methane from migrating into the atmosphere and contributing to local smog and global climate change.1

Using landfill gas (LFG) to generate energy and reduce methane emissions produces positive outcomes for local communities and the environment. Every metric ton of gas captured from these landfills is equivalent to one carbon offset or about 2,200 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Green Mountain Energy proudly supports projects that help reduce these emissions, such as the CAR 495 Greenville County Landfill Gas Utilization Project.